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Mast Photography - Disco and mast

Mast Photography

Need to get images of inaccessible places or show buildings to their best advantage?
Mast photography enables aerial views to be taken cost effectively. Suitable for property or building, where the building can be seen in the context of their surroundings. Taking images of objects at high level or obstructed by fences hedges etc. Mast photography can also be used to get unique views of areas, groups or gatherings.

Mast Photography - view of gardens

Mast photography, also known as elevated or low level photography, uses a vehicle mounted mast and a remotely controlled camera to provide a flexible, convenient system.

Mast photography advantages

Cost effective

Mast photography is cheaper than traditional aerial photography using a plane or helicopter. Or the more recent remote control helicopter type systems. Aerial photography using a plane or similar will tend to give a plan view, (like google earth).


The elevation of the camera can easily be varied to give a variety of images and by using a Land Rover access is rarely a problem. Several images can easily be taken to give a choice of final image.


No need to wait for perfect flying conditions

Mast photography, allows you to view property, events, almost anything from a unique perspective. Raising your viewpoint shows objects in the context of their surroundings and will often reveal otherwise hidden details.

Mast Photography - Country  bungalow