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Property Photography

Mast Photography - Purton

Need a high impact image of a property?
Mast photography gives a unique perspective on properties and gives a truly outstanding and attention grabbing image. Buildings can be seen in the context of their surroundings. Vendors can see the property in its surroundings and the full extent of any extensions, outbuildings can be seen.
Need an image of a property hidden by a fence?
Mast photography enables images to be taken despite obstacles such as hedges, fences etc. The high viewpoint can also be used to show gardens, courtyards and other similar areas.

Maximising the impact of a properties photograph in your window, in the newspaper, on the web or on the property particulars will increase the number of viewings.

Advantages of mast photography

Examples of mast photography

Mast Photography - John Pullen House

(right) John Pullen House, a grade II listed cottage in Lyneham. Note the high hedge at the front of the property, mast photography allows obstacles such as this to be avoided.

Mast Photography - Detached house

(left) A good example of where an aerial image makes the most of a property. The image shows the front garden and drive, the garage (hidden behind a gate), and the surroundings, i.e. fields and countryside.

Mast Photography - Yew Tree Cottage

(above) For this image the obstacles to overcome included a high hedge just in front of the house and the necessity to include the separate garages. The resulting image is a combination of two separate images taken from the opposite side of the road. The buyer only viewed this property based on the photograph.